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Earth resistance clamp is a breakthrough from traditional tester. Neither the supplementary earth leads nor the break earth equipment is necessary. Ground resistance result can be get safe and fast only by clamping the ground line.
Additionally, current testing is also provided. High sensitivity clamp meter can measure the leakage current to 1mA, neutral current to 30A RMS. It is especially important for testing ground circuit with strong interferecnce and ripple that will influence the electrical quality.
Besides industrial electronic equipment. It is also widely used in the field of electric power distribution, telecommunication and architectural ground.
0.01? high accuracy for low resistance measurement
0.001? high resolution
Record 99 resistance measurement values
Set alarm threshold in 1? to 100?
Measure leakage current and neutral current
45mm x 32mm large jaws of exactitude measurement probe
Indication of the batteries capacity
Digital measurement, autorange, easy operation
Double insulation, strengthen the interference resistance
Untouched measurement, ensure the safety
One second per test. Imply the quick measurement
Display: LCD 3 3/4 digits

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